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Serenity Spa & Wellness Offers many choices in facials to address the many concerns you may face. Our skilled estheticians are here to help you access the best solution for your skin care needs.

 We want you to continue looking your best, whether its addressing acne, aging, dehydration, fine lines & wrinkles or hyperpigmentation. We are here to get you back on the right path to healthy skin. 
Don’t wait another minute on deciding what is best for your skin. Allow our staff to take that burden away. Decide today to begin to put your best face forward. 
Make your appointment today. Try our spa facials and be ready to get nurtured in a relaxing environment. 
Let it begin here at Serenity Spa & Wellness. We are the foundation for skin refined.

Essential European Facial

The ultimate facial experience that includes cleansing, exfoliation, facial massage, masque, tone and moisturize to help improve skin texture. This is our most popular monthly facial.

(60 minutes) $79

Men’s Facial Fitness

This facial includes cleansing, exfoliation and facial massage. We also apply a mask and end your facial with hydrating the skin. Your skin will feel like new. We recommend making this a part of your monthly schedule.

(60 minutes) $79

Skin Renewal Facial

Our deep poor cleansing treatment that removes small imperfections and minimizes obstructed and blocked pores. Great treatment for oily or acne related skin conditions.                       (60 minutes) $91

Anti-Aging Facial

Maintaining youthfulness is important as we age. This facial addresses loss of elasticity and fine lines & wrinkles. We focus on stimulating the skins own self renewal mechanisms.

(60 minutes) $91

Hydration Facial

Great for dry dehydrated, mature skin. You will immediately feel the difference in your skin when finished. We focus on adding moisture back in the skin.                                         (60 minutes) $91

Ultrasound Facial

Relax as low frequency sound waves loosen and remove dead cells and debris. This helps smooth and clear skin triggers cellular repair to combat signs of aging. Also fights inflammation and corrects discoloration and scarring.
(75 minutes) $107
Oxygen Facial
Revitalize your skin by boosting its oxygen levels. This facial is good if your skin is dull, mature, dehydrated or you experiencing problems with acne.
(60 minutes) $97
Belavi Facelift Facial
This facial is a wonderful treatment for anyone who wants better tonicity in their skin. We cleanse and tone using various facial massage techniques. The honey lift technique is used to help improve tone and lift the skin. To help see the full benefits, six series are recommended.
(60 minutes) $67
Stress Recovery
Pressure point massage combined with essential oils. Releases facial tension and induces a sense of deep relation. This treatment is great for headaches and sinus conditions.
(30 minutes) $51
Serenity Back Polish
This exfoliation treatment sheds dull, rough and dry skin. It helps replenish lost moisture and is perfect even for sensitive skin. 
(30 minutes; $45)
-with 15 minute massage; $67
Serenity Back facial
Your back will feel renewed as it is cleansed, toned and moisturized as this exfoliation treatment sheds dull, rough and dry skin. This relaxing service also includes a back masque and back massage.                                     (60 minutes; $97)


Manual Microderm Treatment

This treatment is less intensifying than microdermabrasion. Using both chemical and granual exfoliation. This treatment is completed by applying a soothing masque, & moisturizer.
This treatment uses deep exfoliation using our diamond wand to help remove signs of aging such as fine lines, pigment discoloration, etc. We end this popular treatment with a light massage, masque, & specialty serum (recommended six series treatment)
BHA Power Treatment
This oil-free liquid treatment is an ideal formulation for increased skin smoothness, softness and clarity. It contains natural Alpha and Beta Hydroxy Acids that rapidly lift off dead cells, revealing healthier, younger-looking skin.
Glycolic Peel
A super moisturizing treatment that uses chemical glycolic acid peels to smooth skin, reduce scars & acne on the face.
When your skin requires extra attention, add these intensive care boosters to your facial experience:
Enzyme Peel …………………...…… $26
Collagen ………………………… …. $28
Firming Masque ……….…………… $26
Lightening Treatment ….…………… $28
Lip Treatment ………………… …… $26
Ultrasound ………………….… ……. $26