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Neroli Body Polish – Give your entire body a healthy glow with this white blossom of the orange tree scent treatment which will leave you refreshed for the rest of the day. Great for Men and Women.
(75 minutes; $95)
Sayonara Cellulite Treatment– Dramatically improve your body tone with this wonderful seaweed body treatment that promotes tonicity and firmness. A typical Sayonara treatment program consists of a series 6 sessions.
(75 minutes; $117)
Foot & Leg Treatment– This massage treatment removes dry skin and assist in better circulation.
(35 minutes; $57)
Serenity Back PolishThis exfoliation treatment sheds dull, rough and dry skin. It helps replenish lost moisture and is perfect even for sensitive skin. 
(30 minutes; $47)                                                                             -with 15 minute massage; $65
Tired Legs Treatment– This wonderful treatment provides long lasting relief for tired legs. Designed to improve blood circulation and the elimination of fluids. 
(60 minutes; $97)
Hydro-Pack Treatment – This treatment is ideal for acne, dehydrated or sun-exposed skin. It’s an ultra soothing, hydrating treatment with aromatherapy oils. 
(60 minutes) Starting at $92
Detox Body Spa – This treatment is given through the feet. It impacts the body by allowing it to operate in a healthier way, and to more effectively deal with accumulated toxins. 
(30 minutes; $45)          - with reflexology; $56          Series package recommended
Cran Me Up (or) Pepperment Treatment – Take the tension away from your feet with this wonderful foot treatment. Relax while we massage a foot scrub on your tired feet. We follow up with a hydration gel and a pampering foot and leg massage. Great for tired, dry skin (no polish).
(30 minutes; $35)