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Indulge yourself with these fabulous foot therapies

Reflexology Foot Therapy:  Our bodies have a correlating nerve on the foot area that channels all our organs in our bodies.  Reflexology helps balance within the body by stimulation energy.      (15, 20 or 30 minutes; $38, $46, $59)

Cran-Hydrate my feet Therapy:  We use light brushing to stimulate blood flow.  Your feet are wrapped in a cranberry cream lotion.  Your feet will then be massaged with a hydrating serum.  Helps with circulation and dry feet.  $36

Relieve My Tired Feet Therapy:  Renew your tired feet.  We allow tension and discomfort to leave those tired feet with this peppermint foot serum soak.  Heated mitts will allow the serum to penetrate, relaxing your muscles.  We give you a relaxing foot massage to balance it all out.  Great for people who stand or play sports.  $40

Love Charcoal Treatment:  This all-time favorite treatment is great for lymphatic and circulation flow.  You will soak in charcoal, followed by a scrub massage on your feet.  Your feet will be buffed, and a charcoal masque is applied to your feet and legs.  We end this wonderful service with a massaged.  Great for ANYONE.  $65

Detoxifying Relex Foot Therapy:  Combining the health of detoxing and reflexology. You will soak your feet in a detox solution followed by a reflexology foot massage.  You will walk out feeling lighter.  $50

Cucumber Heel Treatment:  Rough heels.  This treatment is for you.  Soak in lemongrass followed by your heels being buffed.  A cucumber heel cream is applied and wrapped followed by paraffin treatment on feet.  We lull you away with a massage on legs and feet.  Your heels and feet will thank you. $65



Pamper yourself with wonderful Hand Spa Therapies

Collagen Anti-Aging Hand Treatment:  Renew your hands with this relaxing service.  This treatment is good for people with dry skin or hands that looks aged.  A masque and anti-aging skin serum is used.  We apply heated mitts to help penetrate the product.  Relax with a wonderful hand massage.  Nice treatment for keeping hands youthful.  $45

Therapeutic Paraffin Treatment:  Let's hydrate your hands.  Good for people with joint pain.  Paraffin along with heated mitts is used to relax muscles and tension within the hands.  You will be massaged using aromatherapy oil leaving you feeling pampered and revitalized.  Excellent for carpal tunnel, arthritis and seniors.  $40 (discount for seniors)

Hand Rejuvenation Spa Treatment:  Take off the dead skin with this wonderful treatment.  Anyone can benefit from this treatment.  Skin is gently exfoliated with rich mineral sea salts.  Your hands will be nourished with a masque.  Your hands will be massaged with a moisture rich replenishing had cream.   Great with circulation and tension in hands.  $40

Relexology Hand Therapy:  Healing therapy for your hands.  Great for carpal tunnel and arthritis problems.  Can also help fight insomnia and headaches as well as reduce stress and anxiety $30

Hand & Arm Massage:  Arm and hands fatigued.  Moist warm towels are used, and you are pampered with a relaxing massage to relieve all tensions away.  $30

Hand Lightening Treatment:  Hands are dry brushed and cleansed.  A serum with kojic acid and natural lemon extract is applied while you relax with heated mitts.  This treatment ends with a wonderful massage.  To get the best results a series is recommended.  $45